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December 31, 2017

A look Behind the Scenes, 2016(ish) and 2017

Ahhh the behind the scenes post of 2017! All year long, we tag our “behind the scenes/bloopers/funniest moments” with a certain tag when we’re culling and editing, and then export them into a special behind the scenes album so that when the time comes, we have one, gigantic, hilarious folder of photos that we can hardly wait to share with you! Steven and I laughed time after time going through these, and thought that the commentary would make them even more fun! Our couples always look forward to this, and if you’re in this post too, it’s because we love you and something on your big day just had to be shared! I think a lot of photographers share their “best of” for the year, which is great! But for me, sharing the hilarious behind the curtain highlights are just as important! They’re the moments that give brides an insider look as to what weddings days should be-FUN and MEMORABLE!

To our vendor friends in here too, thank you for always being so fun and go-with-the-flow. Seriously, I can hardly wait to share this post! Cheers to an amazing year! We truly love what we do, and hope it’s conveyed in this post! Side note- this post is mostly 2017 with a bit of 2016 in the mix! At the end of the 2016 season, I had just two weeks and sweet baby Avery was born, so some of our favorites from 2016 Behind the Scenes are here too! (Hence me going from Belly to no Belly, and Steven from man bun to no man bun!)

Blooper Real Highlights, 2016 (ish)/2017

Ryan, did you fall here? I don’t remember this!

Swathy & Dorwin love Harry Potter, hence the SORTING HAT! So cool! What’s up Tony Schwartz!

All the laughs at this wedding! 

I see you! 

Oh my gosh Amber, the infamous confetti canon at NYE last year!

I was soooo pregnant but it was an amazing day! We love Lauren and James!

When my best friend, Genesa, came along to shoot with us and in case of an emergency! Little did I know, that baby Avery would make her debut just TWO weeks later! (No worries, this was our last wedding!)

Can you spot the Seahawks game? Busted!

Cory with Bogle Productions! Always so focused!

Oh heyyy!

Portraits at MT RAINIER!


Seriously the happiest dad ever! Love you guys Christine! Funny story, Christine’s Mom and Dad ran a restaurant Steven and I frequented-we found this out when Christine wanted to meet at her parents restaurant to chat about the wedding! It was like a reunion! 


So many laughs on this day

I had a lot of competition! 😉 But it all seriousness, it was totally fine!

The time that Shawn surprised Inna with a song!

When you can’t beat em, join em! The sweetest Man!

I see youuuuuuu!

Someone is clearly taller than everyone else! Winning!

I mean, everyone has to get their iPhone shot, right?! 😉

I really have no idea what these jokesters are doing!

Such a fun day! I laughed and laughed and laughed!

Steven does many tasks.

Hey guys, don’t forget about me! 

Uhhhh you want me to do WHAT?!

We. Are. Familllyyy.

And that one time, Tegan surprised Kenny with a special dance, in a special dress! Side note, now they have the most precious baby GIRL!

When the Coug game is streaming live from your reception!

Iphones and Ipads GALORE.

But really, we love you guys! Now onto 2017! I grew out my bangs, gained a baby girl and Steven cut off his gorgeous hair. And grew out his beard. And cut his beard. Grew.Cut.Grew.Cut. You get it.

Ahh Steven, the light tester, flower holder, and smeller, extraordinaire!But seriously, does he not have the best guy hair? He’s so lucky!

Again with the light testing, but he’s going a little bit more serious with this one. And also, sweet Alyce! SO excited to be married! Yessssssss!

Taylor and Bridgette, truly enjoying their bridal party portrait time 😉

I love this shirt, but it clearly gets wrinkled. Also, the hold fast camera straps save my back liffffffe!

Testing out what a portrait location would look like. Steven’s clearly so much cooler than me!

Dj’s and planners getting down!

It’s not a real party unless the family dog is attending, am I right?

I love this! The photo on the left is what the location really looked like. Great lighting, tons of people on a busy weekend in Seattle. Shooting more towards the right, however, BOOM! No people were edited out of the shot!

Steven, professional veil tosser. Also, everyone needed some sunglasses! Hellllllo brightness!

Classic Steven! We’re getting married! I’m so excited!!!!

During Hannah and Grant’s ceremony, when their Rabbi asked their guests to go ahead and get their phones and cameras out, get it over with, so they could just enjoy the ceremony! I LOVED THAT! Seriously not one camera in the crowd after that! Genius!

Steven made a new friend. And this is his signature “point” photo.

Kirsten! Leaf blowing at it’s finest!

Selfies with the cake! Oh heyyyy cake! 

“Aint no party like a wedding party.”

The girl is like uhmmmmmm what?

Maddy! In her element!

Two of my favorite people! When photographers and videographers work as a TEAM it’s truly a DREAM TEAM! Love you girls!

Ahhh when we got to engagements with some of our favorite people in the SNOW!

I thought my hat was maroon?! 

Seriously, this is a family friend’s backyard. How gorgeous is this! 

Watch out for Steven during cocktail hour! Totally kidding though, he’s taking these to one of our couples for during their marriage license signing! 

Phones and cameras phones and cameras.


I loved this! Twins! Both married 50+ years! Aren’t anniversary dances the sweetest?!

Ok, these people are geniuses. Tailgating at Kelley Farm before the ceremony and pre-family photos. GENIUS!

When Mom of the Bride and Mom of the Groom are pals. Isn’t this the best!

Carly and Nate, forever some of our favorites! We love you guys!

Jess from Eventful Moments doing her thing!

This wedding. What a blast. I love it when Groomsmen and Bridesmaids actually interact with each other! And then when Kenneth gave Shelby a thumbs up as she came down the aisle, the sweetest!

Whoop Whoop we’re married! Celebrate! But really, couples who have fun together, the best!

Beer Pong/Water Pong during cocktail hour! Typical Cougs 😉

Loves! Jess always out there helping me test the lighting!

Ok, I stumbled upon this one from 2016 too and could NOT do the bloopers without it! I’ll never forget when Kim and Brian’s officiant toasted them, and then chugged, during the ceremony. Shocking but hilarious!

Steven and a bro-mance. Clearly. And last year with his man bun. I miss it! (a little!)

The many faces of Tim!

And Louie! But really, this is me having the guys do their “surprise face” to get the girls laughing. It works! But Louie was truly pro status at this! 

We’re getting on a boat! A sailboat! Yesssss!


I love these two! They took the time during their toasts to thank their vendor team, and then wishes us a happy anniversary too! We were celebrating our 11th anniversary on their wedding day and their card made me cry (so thoughtful Lauren) and the rest of the night their guests kept wishing us a Happy Anniversary! It was the best! Love you guys!

Insta stories for the win! Also, Lauren with the amazing back! Get it girl!

I’m not really sure what’s happening here but, Rainier in your hands?!

Light testing one direction for Steven, and another for sweet Heather and her baby bump!

Dream team!

Is Sarah dancing or sneaking out of the crowd? 😉 Side note, brides, if Sarah is your planner, you must ask her to the the wobble for you!

I mean, super resourceful!  Rain wont stop us from great outdoor portraits! Friends, buy these -> umbrellas.

One of the coolest Dads of all time clearly!

“Ryan, tell her a little something you know will make her laugh.” Ryan, “yah, too easy.”

DJ Justinnnnnnnn! Side note, this guy is FUNNY! Hire him friends!

A little dance party with It’s Your Day Events!

When your best buddy needs the ultimate angle for a girls selfie!

And the Groom needs his photo photo too! Work it Sabrina! 😉

Those look heavy! Rockstars!

Again, with the lightesting 😉

Photobombs and time to put the train up!

Yesssssss! MARRIED!

Omg this was the best! Shara called Scott’s arm “rogue” during their engagements and so we made sure to look out for it wedding day, but Shara had to tease him a little too 😉

Again with the wrinkly shirt! I swear it doesn’t start out that way wedding day!

Videographer behind the scenes with “Kang likes food!” Go find him on Instagram, he’s a funny guy! And seriously, yummy food!

Now jump around, jump jump! Whoop Whoop!

I’m getting a little ahold to squat down like that during ceremonies! And also, this pour guy, his table was WARM! 

Oh heyyyyyy girls!

This wedding. What a blast. Scott was clearly beside himself excited to marry this gorgeous lady! Side note, these two are welcoming a baby GIRL to their family in 2018!

Seriously the funniest. Wedding days are so much fun when you don’t take yourself so seriously! 

Shooting details! Spoiled with the Mark IV and live view! I’m really able to get detail shots exactly how I want them!

Getting to facetime during a quick break to congratulate on nephew on buying his first home with his new wife! Always helping with the hair Ian! Nice job 😉

A huge flock of birds went by. We we’re just praying nothing pooped on us!  Ahhhh POOP! Just Kidding!

If you’re an NBA lover, this is fun! 

Holy video equipment! (kidding! Sort of ;))

I LOVE this! Dancing with his little love! Seriously she was PRECIOUS! So much JOY in these!

We hope you enjoyed this friends! Cheers to an amazing 2017, and another behind the scenes glimpse to come next year! To see more of these types of posts on a more frequent basis, and to see more of a glimpse of our day-to-day life, follow our insta-stories!

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