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January 2, 2020

Wedding Season Bloopers 2019

This post has been in past years and this year too, one of my favorite posts of the year! When Steven culls our wedding photos, he tags all the funny moments, the behind the scenes, etc so that we can put them into a collection album of bloopers! I love this post because it’s a real glimpse into what the day is like, but also all the FUN we, our vendor buddies, and our sweet clients have at their weddings! Wedding days for the most post are seriously a blast. Steven and I truly love what we do and I think this really shows what a great time we have together at every wedding! It’s easy during the hustle of wedding season to editing and culling season, to booking season and making memories with the kiddos to forget all the little funny and blooper moments at our weddings, but this post is such a great reminder of how lucky we are to do what we love! I had over 700 favorites for bloopers 2019 and it was SO hard to choose the ultimate favorites for this post!

This was such a great year of Behind the Scenes and Bloopers in 2019!

To our sweet couples and our vendor buddies: THANK YOU for an incredible year! 2019 was an amazing year filled with so many special moments! We felt so honored to be a part of every wedding and are so excited to share this with you all! Cheers to 2019!

Back story: Carly was our bride a few years back and she was about to pop! We loved shooting her sweet brother’s wedding!

Because who doesn’t love a happy meal?!

Grandma rockin it on the dance floor!


Time for 1st look! I have my serious face on!

Photobomber, meet Steven 😉


Ok, this isn’t really as bad as it looks! Their officiant had them all get a quick photo, and then put the phones away!

Our wedding during snowmageddon! Jenna and Jordan were TROOPERS! We left a day early to stay in Issaquah, and I’m so glad we did! We got TWO FEET of snow at our house!


Yes, those shots with the snow all over the front of them was all Steven! 😉

No caption needed!

Surprise family choreographed dance!

Sweetest videographer ever!

It was POURING, this doesn’t even do it justice! (I should have been under an umbrella or using a rainsleeve)

“Ohhhh the bling!”

Family tradition? They all drank from the shoe!

Go Darren Go!

These two are so fun together!

Ahhh the veil fell out! Stop traffic! We got this!

Steven the epic veil tosser!

“Yes! We’re so excited!”

Assistants 🙂

New Orleans!

Always laughing at eachother!

Our many trips to the San Juans!

Look! Over there!

I see you!
There’s the rain sleeve!

Little papparazzi crew 😉

Dolla Dolla bills.

Hmmm. Whatcha got in there?

Little bit snug for this shot, but this videographer got it 😉

Directing and directing 😉

It was “May the 4th” day 😉

The most famous dog! Visit His Instagram at:

I meannnn?

This entire day (until sunset) had horrible weather! And they were such champs about it!!!

Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know this one happened until I went through the bloopers!

One of the most ridiculous and hilarious moments of the year. This tourist came down to the dock at sunset to start shooting them during sunset! At one point she stepped right in front of me and took over and I couldn’t stop hysterically laughing!

Hey, sometimes we need those you tube instructions for our ties, ok?

Check her OUT!

This was the sweetest little girl with the best stories to tell!

These sweet bridesmaids were helping me test the lighting for first look spots! Notice the guy nearly naked out on the paddle board doing yoga? We used photo location number 2, in case you were wondering 😉

This guy. No words.

Mid season when Steven broke his elbow. It never stopped him!! (And he only had to wear a temporary cast because of the bend of the break, lucky guy!)

They played a game of steal the socks 😉

Oh Jake. With the shenanigans and laughs! Such a great day!

These two. Instant Bffs.

A family game of stick the spoon on your nose! I wish there was audio for this. Everyone was hysterical at this table!

Oh Tats. The best!

Backstory: The park had a concert and event going on that we didn’t know about (I checked online, too!) and the music was BUMPIN! We couldn’t help but laugh during portraits there.

I mean, enough said!

You’d be surprised how many times couples make this face before they cut their cake!

I mean, does it need a caption?!

This entire day. Hysterical. (In the best way!) Love these two and their families!


Hold my Hannnnnnnnd

K, first look time! You got it!

They sang to eachother and It was the cutest thing ever. Like ever. “I do, I do, I do, love YOU! You you you!”

If you’ve seen this wedding you know how epic this shot was without the people in it (it’s all about the angles, am I right) but the pull back is insane!

This was the “one day we’ll laugh hard at this one when she’s older!” photo 🙂

The shenanigans at the reception and on the dance floor of this wedding were too good!

DJ JUSTIN! and, a really sleepy guest 😉

Sarah!! Killing it per usual 🙂

If you’re one of our couples you know what pose this one is!! Surprise face! Pre laugh 🙂

DJ Justin and his biggest fan 😉


I didn’t do it!

Nita’s uncle was really feelin his role here ;)))))

Experts at “this Is where you sign, and this is where they sign, and this is where they sign.” 😉

Steven could do these with his eyes clothes, I’m certain!

This little girl with the photobooth props. Out of focus and the cutest ever anyway!

Work it work it!


The boat was totally going to float away without her help!

Such a fun engagement shoot!

Video/Photo A GAME!

I clearly didn’t get the memo. I’m fun. I promise!

Before guests entered the ballroom!

Yes, she really is sticking a carrot up there 😉

I totally asked Whitney’s permission to post this but OMG poor Max. Split his pants during portrait time. But his wardrobe change worked out well!

Max’s vows, LOL.

See? 🙂

Their entire day had the most hilarious blooper moments, thanks to Max!

These two. Total jokesters. LOVE THEM!

Otto. The Man, the Myth, the Legend. And Steven. LOL

Ohhh we’re doing this!

Megan is clearly mortified 😉

This was the year of people and animal cut outs. And I loved it!

Sweet sweet Yvaine. She didn’t think I was super funny. I totally am.

Who needs a photo of your face at the phootbooth when you can get one of your backside instead?

I think these two made me laugh more during engagements and their wedding day then I do most entire weeks worth. So.Much.Fun!

The moment Michelle walked through goose poo. And then I took her to the bathroom to wash it off. With her brothers toothbrush. Michelle you’re the best!

Because every bride wants to be serenaded, am I right?

“You want me to do WHAT?”

A little close my friend, a little close.

Back story: They entered their reception and chest pumped and then Miranda’s dress strap broke!

LOL. I don’t even know what to say about this one!

Ok, it was the year of people/animal cut outs and dolla dolla bills.

Yahhhh I better move out of the way!

“Hey! I can do the veil toss instead of Steven! I’ve seen it on insta-stories!” A+ my friend, A+.

Do you see the bee? They both went like matrix style on this one!

If you know Steven, you know the “point” photo.

I actually don’t even know what’s happening here. Caption this?

Veil tosses on tosses on tosses.

Everyone loves Steven. He’s in blooper posts every year with groups of family members and guests (their request!)

Father of the Groom!

OMG they tossed him up HIGH!

So many dancing shenanigans this year!

What? I’m funny!

Always adjusting dresses 🙂 And Kel, never missing the shot!

Oh Lucas. Your hilarious faces don’t even need a caption. Thank you for the laughs!

Because every wedding should have mid dance music intermissions for karaoke, am I right?

Oh hey! I’m so surprised to see you! Also, Greta’s doppleganger is Julianne Hough!

Uhmmmmm is this a good idea? Ok, it is! Success!

When the best man is killing his speech!

When you really want to get those guests at the table out onto the dance floor!



If you made it through to the end! Cheers to YOU!



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