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December 29, 2015

Wedding Season Bloopers 2015

Throughout the season we tag all the hilarious outtakes and behind the scenes moments between Steven and I, but this year, we realized that most of the best blooper & outtake moments happen in reality with our couples, their bridal parties, friends and families, as well as with all the amazing vendors we get the opportunity to work with! SO! That means that this year the bloopers, outtakes and behind the scenes moments are the best yet! Enjoy all these hilarious moments, and the captions we couldn’t resist writing to go right along with them! Without further ado, we bring to you, Wedding Season Bloopers 2015!

Directing traffic! Wait! Stop! Couple’s photo moment!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9513 Any chance for a mirror selfie, right?! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9514 This man taking flower photos at Marc and Erin’s wedding? He works for Canon, and I’m pretty sure we couldn’t stop picking his brain! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9515 Justin ROCKING IT!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9516 They may live states way now, but they still brought their 12th man flag! Go HAWKS! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9517 Wait! The sparkers are still lit? Lets run through AGAIN! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9518 “Huh? You want me to do what?!”
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9519 Video circling round and round, round and round, round and round.  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9520 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9521 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9522 AH! This is way to high up! Eileen you were such a trooper! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9523 This guy really loved his hammock. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9524 The many faces of Steven, when I ask him to stand there so that I can test my lighting 😉 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9525 Oh Alicia! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9526 What time is it again? Time to partayyy! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9527 Don’t worry buddy, nobody was looking 😉 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9528 Doesn’t need a caption. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9529 Sarah! Our beloved Eventful Moments, doing the obligatory wobble at every wedding, and always, on camera! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9530 Ring shot! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9531 Real love means picking each other’s teeth right after first look! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9532 Selfie! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9533 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9534 I think there was a bug in Tiffany’s veil. Steven, always looking out for the particulars. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9535  Wait for it…smile…PHOTOBOMB! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9536 Oh hey horse! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9537 Look closely…he’s sticking his tongue out! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9538 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9539 When the Groomsmen are asking for the camera, in Italy, you say yes! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9540 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9541 Nate properly illuminating his bride with an ice light, I mean, a light saber, right? lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9542 Bridesmaids helping me perfect the position of the dress! Oh hey video!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9543 We’re totally not standing in the middle of the road in downtown Seattle or anything! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9544 Cheeeeeeese! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9545 Everyone loves a beautiful, happy and in love couple on their wedding day! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9546 Wave to the drone! PS Scott’s daughter totally rocked flying this thing! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9547 Steven, always the team player! Lighting that cake for video! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9548 Lori working her planning/floral magic! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9549 We’re married!! Time for a celebratory happy dance! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9550 Scott is a major instagrammer, so naturally, rock that insta cake shot Scott! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9551 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9552 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9553 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9554 He wanted to make sure to get the proper shot of the cake cutting. From outside of course! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9555 Alexis and Chris, our stomachs hurt from all the hilarious laughs at your wedding. Adore you two! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9556 I was photographing Alexis, and Steven for Chris. And then I see this happening. Oh Chris.  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9557 Surprise singing during the ceremony! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9558 Sweet Alexis rocking the video for Sandra and David! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9559 Can you spot us? lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9560 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9561 Why yes, of course we want your lovely golf clubs for Groomsmen photos! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9562 Veil tosser, adjuster and running out of the frame extraordinaire! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9563 Photobombs, so many photobombs!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9564 Monica! xoxo lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9565 JJ and Heather, always rocking it! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9566 Taking the mic off! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9567 What it really looks like when photo and video actually work together the way they should!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9568 Hilarious family moment! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9569 Coloring for the kiddos during the ceremony? Genius! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9570 Buddies! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9571 The “this is it” boat came by at the perfect moment!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9572 Why yes Amanda, of course I’ll walk through a rose bed for you in my wedding dress. Oops. Madelyn, such a trooper! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9573 Grandma’s are the flower girls!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9574 Puyallup police:  “Can we purposely get in your photo.” Us: Well of course!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9575 Madelyn, you speak my language. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9576 Regular face and, uh, silly face? lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9577 Gosh, she’s so bossy! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9578 Steven, always chatting it up with the Groomsmen.  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9579 Teeth clean? Check!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9580 Another test shot Amanda?
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9581 Amanda Waltman! My soul sister for sure!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9582 Surprise! We’re getting married! And you’re here to attend!! GOTCHA! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9583 Kevin clearly needed a back massage. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9584 SELFIE! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9585 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9586 Cake, I love the cake, I need more cake! Cakkkkkkke. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9587 Oh Ross and Rachelle, good sports isn’t even the proper wording for your amazing attitudes in regards to the weather on your wedding day. There goes the veil!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9588 Oh! I’m so surprised that you’re walking up to me! I’m making the surprise face for you Amanda! (Grooms, you totally know what I’m talking about!) lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9589 Ready, set, veil toss! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9590 Life just doesn’t need to be that serious! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9591 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9592 Yeah Uncle Bob! We’re great! Promise! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9593 Obligatory dance party during bride/bridesmaid photos! Of course!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9594 Move over Grandpa, please! Justin can’t see his bride! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9595 Veil toss! BOOM! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9596 Mal, who is that guy taking your table apart? Uhmm? Just kidding, Sarah’s husband came all the way back to the venue to help them take down the rentals! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9597 Video all up in there with the hair piece 😉 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9598 RUNNNNNNN! Flower girl and ring bearer have to go potty!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9599 WAIT! STOPPPPPPP! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9600 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9601 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9602 really love my new holdfast strap. Back saver! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9603 “You took my flowers! I don’t know what to do with my hands!” lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9604 What were these called again Jessica? lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9605 Kelley Farm really has the best staff. Especially this gem! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9606 “WHAT! WE GET TO DO WHAT?!” lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9607 Because choregraphed father/daughter dances are the best!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9608 Steven sometimes just can’t help bust it out on the dance floor. Especially during a dance he knows so well. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9609 Oh my gosh, hilarious Shelley! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9610 Hey! Is your veil suppose to be that way? Funny! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9611 Oh my gosh, a serious belly button phobia. What a moment! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9612 Somebody was SO excited! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9613 What detail prep really looks like! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9614 “I’m on a boat!” lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9615 Major thank you to the yacht owners that welcomed us aboard for photos! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9616 Nailed it! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9617 Somebody loves driving the golf carts! Special thanks to all the golf course venues that give couples and their photographers each a golf cart for their wedding day, so they don’t have to make the trek all over the grounds!
lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9618 I. Am.A.Robot. These two, so funny.  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9619 Captain Morrrgannnnnn. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9620 CHEESE! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9621 REALLY CHEESE! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9622 No words. LOL. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9623 Heather doing her thing!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9624 JJ doing his thing! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9625 This group and their love for WSU, just like me, so naturally, wedding dress meets WSU flag! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9626 “I’m singing, and its so fun!!! Falalalala.” lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9627 “Ok guys, it’s super windy, but this is the plan…” lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9628 Again, what working well video/photo really  looks like! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9629 One of the sweetest Grandpas I’ve ever met! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9630 selfie! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9631 I think they punked me! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9632 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9633 SUCH a great DJ!  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9634 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9635 You read that letter Luke! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9636 Right before Steven fell off this log. Ouch. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9637 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9638 Where’s waldo?  lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9639 I swear I didn’t see this sign until after we walked back from photographing here. I swear. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9640 BLITZ!!! Surprise Luke! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9641 We were all really really excited! Best wife award goes to Kristina! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9642 Again, Steven, Sarah and Mal with the dance party! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9643 Jen’s sweet pup! And her hilarious Dad! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9644 Way to rock that face John! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9645 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9646 Jen’s Dad, what a sweet man! He invited Steven to the “block watch” with all the good ole’ boys. That’s when you know you’ve really made it! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9647 Let me make sure that dress is straight, and those shoes too. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9648 Hiding in the forest! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9649 AMAZING guitarist! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9650 This is what pure joy from watching your best friend get married looks like! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9651 A special song from the cutest twins ever! Sing it boys! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9652 Alright team, lets head this way! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9653 Oh heyyyyyy! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9654 LOL! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9655 Selfie during first look! Priceless! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9656 One of the final veil tosses of the year, in MEXICO! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9657 I promise Stacy, Jordan made that face because he wasn’t sure the ring was fitting right, he was really pumped to marry you! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9658 lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9659 Yawwwwwwwwwwn. lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9660 You want me to do what? lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9662 Because every wedding should have props like a turkey for your head during the reception! lloyd-photographers-bloopers-2015_9661



  1. How did I miss this post?!? Soul sisters for sure!!! Miss you guys! Let’s please get together soon for that wine night! xoxo! 🙂

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