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April 16, 2014

Treehouse Point | Styled Wedding Shoot

Where do I even begin? I originally started styling this shoot at Treehouse Point to feel inspiration, get friends inspired and do something that was special, unique, in the woods amongst the tree houses  and it quickly turned into the most beautiful styled shoot I’ve ever photographed, and something I am so incredibly proud of!

treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd167 As photographers when the chaos of wedding season begins, it’s so easy to quickly move through the motions. Partnering with Treehouse Point, an amazing florist, a fantastic bakery a beautiful in love couple, wood-working artists, incredibly talented artists across the country, creators and dream makers turned into THIS! Thank you to everyone who put their talents into the shoot and a big big hug & thank you to Tonie and Eric, our incredibly sweet and kind couple who took their time to model for us! The post is a long one, but every image takes my breath away! Don’t forget to check out all the amazing vendors who contributed to this shoot at the end of the post!

treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd168 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd169 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd170 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd171 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd172 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd173 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd174 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd175 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd176 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd177 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd178 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd179 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd180 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd181 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd182 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd183 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd184 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd185 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd186 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd187 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd188 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd189 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd190 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd191 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd192 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd193 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd194 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd195 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd196 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd197 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd198 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd199 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd200 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd201 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd202 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd203 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd204 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd205 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd206 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd207 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd208 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd209 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd210 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd211 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd212 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd213 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd214 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd215 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd216 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd217 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd218 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd219 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd220 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd221 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd222 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd223 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd224 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd225 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd226 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd227 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd228 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd229 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd230 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd231 treehouse-point-wedding-amanda-lloyd232

One of the best parts of the shoot was having my very best friend, Genesa of Genesa Richards join me to shoot this beautiful event! Check back soon for a link to her images from the shoot too! Thank you Tonie and Eric!!!

treehouse-point-amanda-lloyd_0077 All our amazing vendors, a HUGE thank you to you! Check them out here:

Venue: Treehouse Point
Florals: Jens Blossoms
Wood Designs: PNZ Designs
Cake and Desserts: Cupsakes
Invitations: Wedding Chicks
Vintage Furniture: New Creation
& Sign, Cake Sign: Old New Again, Etsy
I do, Me Too Forks: Debi Dean, Etsy
Eat Cake Scrabble Pieces: Heather Vintage 88, Etsy



  1. alison dunn says:

    oh my goodness. i love EVERYTHING. all the details are so wonderfully chosen and you captured it so BEAUTIFULLY!

  2. So pretty Amanda! every little detail is amazing!!

  3. Oh.My.Gosh.
    I absolutely love ALL of this! Stunning!
    love, love, love!

  4. Chasity Noel says:

    Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful photos!

  5. Debbie M says:

    Love the colors. These belong in a magazine.

  6. Hanna says:

    This is stunning!!! The cake, the flowers and the lovely couple. Such an incredible location as well. Truly one of a kind. Looking forward to connecting Amanda.

  7. Tosha says:

    One word….stunning!!!!

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