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April 26, 2021

2020 Year In Review

2020 was…one for the books. We laughed with our clients. We cried with them. We rejoiced when they actually got to have their wedding day. We postponed, emailed, called and texted with our clients and their vendor teams all hours of the day and evenings to make it happen.  Date changes happened, location changes,  guest count reductions, weddings turned elopements, elopements turned to pregnancy announcements, weddings where Steven officiated to make it happen for our couples. We did it all this year. And you know what? It was incredible. It was humbling. It was exhausting. There were moments when mandates would change and we’d pivot pivot pivot with our couples and their vendor teams but you know what? At the end of the day, what matters is these beautiful couples and the commitments they made to each other. Pivoting isn’t always a bad thing. And sometimes pulling back the curtain and reminding us all of what really matters most of all hits home and makes us all re-evaluate, re-pivot again, and be thankful for what what we do have. We couldn’t have predicted what 2020 and covid would bring, but what I do know is that we made the best of it, and so did our couples, and for that I am grateful!

Steven and I just want to extend a gigantic air hug

to all of our couples that were impacted by the pandemic and also to our vendor buddies who worked tirelessly together to make things incredibly special for so many couples, even when sometimes it felt near impossible. To our 2020 couples, this is for you!

(On a side note, some of these weddings were pre-pandemic and/or shutdowns, or out of state where mandates may have been different from Washington. Please keep that in mind when scrolling!)

January 2020, when we had no idea what was just around the corner..

Little did we know this would be one of the first and the last dance parties of 2020.

I can’t even with this cape!

I was so glad Ashley and Cole were able to have their day before things shut down for what felt like an enternity.

Connor and Dylan we’re our first wedding turned elopement in 2020 and the first wedding where having a livestream on zoom with your families and friends became the “norm.”  We’re so excited to see them later this year for their big wedding and reception! They deserve it so much!

And the first mask kiss of the year!

I about lost it during this first look!

And then Steven stepped in to marry these two, his first time officiating!

Amanda and Patrick switched gears and married in her parents backyard and it was perfect!

Mike zoomed with his friends to play chess, Sarah saw her girlfriends on zoom for a dress reveal. Their videographer, Green Attic Films, put together virtual toasts and their friends and family got dressed up and recorded toasts for them to watch during the reception. We went all over the city with them for beautiful portraits without feeling rushed. It really felt like making the best out of such a difficult time.

Reggie and Tom got married on their parent’s patio in Kirkland. Reggie’s Mom seriously outdid herself and put together decor and bento boxes for guests to enjoy. Again, another pivot, but such a beautiful one I’ll never forget!

Janie and Tanner that sunset was ahhhhhhh!

SO much joy on Hannah and Zoie’s day! They hired an online service to stream the wedding to their guests and prerecorded games for guests to play while they went into virtual cocktail hour rooms with smaller groups online, then danced with them all via the online dance floor. Such a cool way to celebrate!

Lauren and Matt’s beautiful day almost didn’t happen as planned. State mandates changed just days before their big day, then changed again two days before to extend to the following Monday. So crazy!

I loved this photo because they both graduated college this year and although it wasn’t as planned it was still super exciting!

Then we traveled to Florida in the midst of it all for Nicole and Jeff’s beautiful day. I’ll admit I was nervous, but Jeff’s job prohibited their wedding from being in WA and because it was a Disney wedding and they took precautions very seriously we felt really safe. It was the getaway we didn’t know we needed SO bad.

Steven and I split up to shoot Mackenzie and John’s wedding and Hannah and Mateo’s on the same day, at the same time, and in the midst of insane wild fires and smoke. Both days were so special!

I loved that both days had a unique picnic element to both weddings! Mackenzie and John served picnic baskets to guests to enjoy and Hannah and Mateo sent their guests with backpacks with dinner and cake, and a blanket, so that they could each find a place to enjoy a picnic together after the ceremony!

Mateo’s Groomsmen surprised him with a little faux first look 😉

This day! We’ve photographed the weddings of so many of Caity’s sorority sisters so I knew this day was going to be amazing. We traveled on the ferry for portraits and it poured during their ceremony outside but it didn’t matter and it was perfect! Did I mention Caity had a lifesize cutout made of her brother since he couldn’t make it to the wedding? (More on that coming in our bloopers post!)

Joanna and Michael you two are the completely example of pure joy!


Steven married Miki and Jeff and we all had all the feels that day!


And then he married Jessica and Michael, too!

Vicki and Nick that sunset!!!


And then we had the best weather in December we could ever ask for it was it was a perfect way to end the season!



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