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March 3, 2015

2014 Bloopers | A Look Behind The Scenes

Everyone loves a good blooper, right? Every year we put together an album of “bloopers” from the whole year, and finally I had a chance to put together a blog post of my favorites! These bloopers you’ll get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of us giving direction, shooting, a ton of laughs, too many cell phone guests, a combination of iPhone pics bridal party members and guests sent us, plus regular camera photos from Bonnie, Cheryl, Ali, myself and Steven!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3529Last year was such an amazing year, and a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun! We’re thankful to have all these hilarious bloopers to remind us of what a blast being a wedding photographer is! Although we don’t generally have second shooters anymore as Steven and I are excited to be a full-time husband + wife team now, we still love having them in our bloopers photos! Such great memories!

wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3443Steven, master at making sure the dress is always placed perfectly!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3444And then that one time, Jessi and Brett (from above) let us wear a REAL Superbowl XLVIII ring! Whatttt! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3445Canoe engagement photos with Jessica and Jason!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3446It was a team effort to get these cellar photos at Delille cellars! Always with the goofiness! Melissa and Ben are so fun! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3448Oh Ben, that face! But cheeeese! And, Steven loves flowers, clearly 😉wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3449Cherly’s veil fling! Ps, that light! And the time I literally was stung by a wasp and then chased by it! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3450Mirror shot!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3451Gina and Eric (aside from us) are some of the biggest Hawk’s fans I know! So naturally, they brought a 12 flag to incorporate, and then, Gina surprised Eric with a BLITZ appearance! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_345280’s Photo Booth with two of our couples!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3453Getting favorite!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3454And that one time I was a bridesmaid and photographed my baby brother’s wedding with my best friend! So thankful to have Genesa there shooting!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3455wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3456Shooting aside some of our favorites, Bogle Productions!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3457And Steven cracking jokes on the walk back, surprise surprise!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3458The veil toss! Such a pro!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3459Where’s waldo? I mean, Michael, Jenessa and I!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3460Alex + Alex told me they’d have some family break out dancing. They weren’t kidding, it was the best!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3461And our 1st wash out wedding of the year with Dana + Joe, but it was amazing anyway! We we’re ultra prepared, so we swapped between holding umbrellas and shooting, or both! Steven helping Evan with Media Mason not get his video gear totally soaked!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3462All these gorgeous photos with rim lighting-what you didn’t know, was that Steven is a ninja, hiding his 6 foot 3 self behind them with the ice light! Photographers, the ice light is AMAZING! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3463Photobomb! See it? in the glasses?wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3464And when we passed by the Cycle Saloon-a wine/beer cycling exercise! Hum, what? awesome!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3465And when my Mama was a guest at Ryan and Melissa’s wedding, and she got there early, so naturally I put her to work. Just kidding, well, she was my lighting assistant for a few cake shots!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3466wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3467Cheryl always getting adventurous! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3468wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3469Table shots! 1, 2, 3 cheese!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3470wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3471Downtown at the market, stopped 500 times from tourists wanting a quick photo! Get it iphoneographers!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3472This was too funny, Dad doing the stare down during a reception details! Thanks Bonnie!
wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3474Where’s Waldo again? I mean, Bonnie! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3475I wanted so badly to go to the Tulip festival, so Ashley put her dress back on and met me out there! Can you spot Maddux?wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3476Always fluffing dresses and putting boutonnieres on. I’m quite sure I can do this with my eyes closed!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3477The one time the whole bridal party waved to the boat hollering at them from Gas works, only for the whole boat to MOON us. I’m not even guest’s reaction to Cheryl is the best! uhhhhh, what? wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3479Two of my high school friends fell in love! and they asked me to shoot their wedding!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3480Hello glowy light!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3481Smile for days always with Tristan and Aimee! (which by the way, they’re having a BABY in a few months!) eeeeek!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3482Sadie and Jimmy always cracking jokes. Love them!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3483And Steven with the artistic shots! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3484Photobomb!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3485Always with the laughs! And so happy! Suraj had just proposed to Amy! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3486Oh hey Groomsmen! Watching the bride/groom portraits!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3487And the one time we asked Jen’s Mom to use my camera to get an old family friends photo! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3488wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3489Cameron! My sweet brother and the best DJ I know –> Amazing Entertainmentwedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3490Showing the crowd a new dance! Go Cam!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3491Can you spot Steven? He loves any opportunity to be up in a stairwell or balcony with a view during ceremonies!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3492A photo with Megan! Where was Ben?!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3493Something was clearly funny! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3494I’m always looking for the mini-photographers in training!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3495Obligatory behind the scenes beach photo! Such a blast!
wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3496Getting the little ones situated! They clearly were excited about portrait time. ummmmmwedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3497Teaming up with Bogle Productions take 3 of the year! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3498Katie brought mistletoe! fun!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3499Totally soaking wet, but as long as everyone else is dry we’re ok!
wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3500Hello gorgeous sunset! Icelight!!!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3501wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3502Elevator selfie!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3503wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3504Bad hair day, clearly!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3505So excited to be shooting in Texas and so happy to have my best Texas friend Ali there with me! Always so fun!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3506wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3507wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3508Downtown!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3509What a gorgeous day! I loved this place!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3510wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3511Adjusting hair, flowers, dresses, veils and more! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_35123 ALP couples in one photo!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3513Such a blast, clearly! wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3514wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3515Guest iPhone photographers, my Seattle, we still love you anyway!wedding-photographer-behind-the-scenes-lloyd-photographers_3523Cheers to an amazing year! Bring it on 2015!



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