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May 29, 2014

Joanne and Chris | A Treehouse Point Elopement

Every time I blog a wedding, my heart is flooded with incredible memories and moments from the day. This post especially makes me giddy, and teary eyed, on so many levels. When Joanne first got in contact with me she said “we’re eloping, at Treehouse Point, and we want you to be our photographer.” I was SO excited for them! Treehouse Point is an amazing place to stay, and of course, to get married! Joanne and Chris started making plans to head to the states from Canada for their special day! I was booked for a wedding in Texas the Saturday before their Sunday wedding, but they insisted that if I could get back in time, they were set on me photographing their elopement! After a cancelled flight, an all-night travel to another city thanks to a very good friend (Thank you Amanda Bailey!) and a very early flight, I made it! The best part-due to their cell phones, Joanne and Chris had no idea the trek I had made to get to their wedding!ย  treehouse-point-wedding_0104 Joanne and Chris have been together a long time! They already have a beautiful family together, so the elopement was the cherry on top! Treehouse Point is one of the most magical places you could get married. And in true Pacific Northwest style-it was raining! But with a little pre-wedding Skype planning, we made sure Joanne was totally prepared-she rocked adorable Hunter rain boots and brought awesome clear umbrellas along for the day! This was such an amazing experience for me. Not only did I photograph their amazing day, but I also was a witness & signed on their marriage license, and the only guest (minus their amazing officiant & the Treehouse Point team) to witness their marriage vows. I felt so incredible honored and humbled that they chose me to be there with them. I even helped Joanne put her wedding dress on, while taking photos as well! (That’s a first for me!) Joanne and Chris, I wish you and your sweet children a lifetime of love and happiness. You’re some of the most kind and loving people I have ever met. Now that their family and friends know they eloped, enjoy their images! treehouse-point-wedding_0035 treehouse-point-wedding_0036 treehouse-point-wedding_0037 treehouse-point-wedding_0038 Joanne and Chris are BIG Star Wars fans, and they got married on 5/4 so the theme was “May the FOURTH” be with you! They incorporated some really cute elements into this! treehouse-point-wedding_0039 treehouse-point-wedding_0040 treehouse-point-wedding_0041 treehouse-point-wedding_0042 treehouse-point-wedding_0043 treehouse-point-wedding_0044 treehouse-point-wedding_0046 treehouse-point-wedding_0047 treehouse-point-wedding_0048 treehouse-point-wedding_0049 treehouse-point-wedding_0050 treehouse-point-wedding_0051 treehouse-point-wedding_0052 treehouse-point-wedding_0053 treehouse-point-wedding_0054 treehouse-point-wedding_0055 treehouse-point-wedding_0056 treehouse-point-wedding_0057 treehouse-point-wedding_0058 treehouse-point-wedding_0059 treehouse-point-wedding_0062 treehouse-point-wedding_0063 treehouse-point-wedding_0064 treehouse-point-wedding_0065 treehouse-point-wedding_0066 treehouse-point-wedding_0067 treehouse-point-wedding_0068 treehouse-point-wedding_0069 treehouse-point-wedding_0070 treehouse-point-wedding_0071 treehouse-point-wedding_0072 treehouse-point-wedding_0073 treehouse-point-wedding_0074 treehouse-point-wedding_0075 treehouse-point-wedding_0076 treehouse-point-wedding_0077 treehouse-point-wedding_0078 treehouse-point-wedding_0079 treehouse-point-wedding_0080 treehouse-point-wedding_0081 treehouse-point-wedding_0082 treehouse-point-wedding_0083 treehouse-point-wedding_0084 treehouse-point-wedding_0085 treehouse-point-wedding_0086 treehouse-point-wedding_0087 treehouse-point-wedding_0088 treehouse-point-wedding_0089 treehouse-point-wedding_0090 treehouse-point-wedding_0091 treehouse-point-wedding_0092 treehouse-point-wedding_0093 treehouse-point-wedding_0094 treehouse-point-wedding_0095 treehouse-point-wedding_0096 treehouse-point-wedding_0097 treehouse-point-wedding_0098 treehouse-point-wedding_0100 treehouse-point-wedding_0101 treehouse-point-wedding_0102 treehouse-point-wedding_0103



  1. This wedding. <3 The 8 hours of driving for you to make your flight to photograph this couple's wedding was worth every minute & mile. I couldn't think of anyone more perfect to capture their special day than you. This is why we HAD to get you there.

    And of course, you completely outdid yourself.

    Joanne & Chris, from what I've read, viewed and been told, you guys are absolutely friggin' amazing and I wish you a lifetime of happiness & unique ways to show your love to each other.

    Congratulations on your elopement and finding the best freaking wedding photographer in Washington to photograph it <3

  2. Mary Porter says:

    My daughter Amanda Bailey posted your link Amanda Loyd and said it was a must see and she was absolutely righ ๐Ÿ™‚ This is an amazing idea and you did one of the best wedding shots I’ve ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚ Just amazing, 5 stars for you.

  3. Love the details, the simplicity, and the shear happiness these images bring. They tell a story in the form of art. Well done!

  4. Melissa Garcia says:

    Oh my gosh! What an amazing treehouse elopment concept!! I love their #NotAWedding feeling lOL

  5. What a beautiful celebration of the love between Chris and Joanne! These images are simply stunning!

  6. Chasity Noel says:

    These photos are SO fun and flippin’ precious!!

  7. Whitney Lane says:

    I totally dream of shooting here. Let me know if you ever need a second shooter at this location Amanda cause I am IN!

  8. Ray Urner says:

    OMFG! I love this! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Emily says:

    WOW! LOVE that dress and love how this was so woodsy ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Anna says:

    Absolutely love all of theseโ€ฆwhat an awesome couple in an awesome venue!

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